Droplet and aerosol transmission risk simulator

We present here the result of our calculation of the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus based on a simulation of the dispersion of droplets and aerosols using the supercomputer “Fugaku”. The risk of infection is visualized by simulating how much the arrival of droplets and aerosols changes when conditions such as air flow, humidity, distance to an infected person and contact time are changed. Please use this result as a reference when checking to see what level of risk is involved if there is an infected person in your immediate environment.

Set conditions in this simulation

Temperature 24°C
Wind* Windless conditions
Mask* Not worn by both infected and uninfected persons
Speech of an infected person Loud conversations are assumed

*This will be changeable in a future update.

Overhead view

Infection risk simulator

Confirmation of infection risk

It is calculated based on the number of viruses that lead to infection and the number of viruses that an uninfected person is likely to aspirate. Red indicates a relatively high risk of infection, while blue indicates a low risk. View details