Research Results

FY2022 Results Report

This is a summary of the research conducted over the past three years since the emergence of the novel coronavirus. We are going to show you how scientific research has been conducted to stop the spread of infection caused by the previously unknown novel coronavirus and to aid in restoring in people’s daily lives.



Simulator for infection risk

We present visual representations of droplet/aerosol infection risk based on the simulations conducted using a supercomputer “Fugaku”.


About Project

This research project aims to balance the prevention measures against infection of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) with economic activities.

We have been working on data collection, analysis, and simulations utilizing AI to detect infection trends in the early stage. Additionally, we have been developing new technologies for infection prevention measures and conducting tests to implement these findings into society.


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FY2023 Research Question

Research Question 01

Analysis and simulation for infection situation


Research Question 02

Proper infection control in With Corona